Monday, June 16, 2014

Honor is hard to come by. Those who think they know what honor is and still dishonor themselves don’t know what honor is. Honor is known by those who have a good heart and fight for the right thing. So why is it that when people think they have honor they do dishonorable things? Because they follow a false guideline of life. If those who can’t follow these unspoken guidelines are fools to the concept of honor, but they believe in the lifestyle they live in. So are they at fault for following what they believe in? Questions such as these go unanswered every day. People often ask themselves “why am I here? What is my purpose?”, but they don’t realize that the answer to such questions lie within themselves. The brave and the bold know that there is a life free of hate, war, bloodshed, etc. yet they follow the rules and conduct they believe in. So why continuously follow someone without thought of whether or not it is morally and truly honorably correct? Finding the right course and balance in the two are nearly impossible at such a young age, but could that be altered by those who have lived through enough of life’s experiences? How can we be the judge of anyone when we ourselves believe that we should not be judged by others? What ever happened to ‘judge not lest ye be judged yourself’? A soldier fights because it is instilled in him, but a hero fights to protect what is important to him. That is where the real strength lies. Find your own strength and live for what you believe in. Find the honor that lies within your nature and fight for what you love. Then you will learn the true meaning of peace.